A surprising number of patients grind their teeth, often at night when they are sleeping.

Often, stress and anxiety are the main culprits. The result can be a sore, painful jaw and the wearing down of your teeth and gums. Neither is good for your health.

We recommend wearing a mouthguard at night. After taking impressions of your upper teeth, we send the model to our lab, which will make you a customized mouthguard. Diligent use of the mouthguard can quickly solve the issue and prevent more serious dental issues in the future.

We also make mouthguards for athletes who play school sports. Use of a mouthguard in any physical athletic competition is an effective way to protect your teeth and mouths from serious injury.

“At my first dental appointment with Dr. O’Neill, she immediately made me feel comfortable with her kind, professional approach and there was no sales pitch to do some trendy dental cosmetic or other work on my ‘middle-aged’ teeth. Thanks Dr. O’Neill!”

Terri Kozy