By Jaime O’Neill DDS

With the addition of the MouthWatch camera system to our practice, we are continuing our effort to provide our patients with the best in technical advances in dental care.

The MouthWatch camera is a simple device – essentially a camera on a stick – that allows us to photograph problem areas in your mouth that X-rays or a visual observation by Dr. O’Neill or our dental technicians pick up during an examination. By projecting the problem area in photographs on a large screen, Dr. O’Neill can show patients their issues that need to be addressed. This is important because if you have a cracked tooth that might require a crown, for instance, patients can actually see the affected tooth and make an informed decision.

With the crystal clear images provided by the MouthWatch camera on our large HD monitor, mouth sores, cavities, gum issues, teeth grinding and other issues can be clearly seen by our patients. As a result, they will now play an active role in deciding what the best course of action is to solve any dental issue they have.