Not those types of crowns!

When a tooth has decayed beyond repair or suffered a fracture, it’s time to repair the tooth. Our crowns process involves the following:

  • Sometimes we’ll need to first perform a root canal treatment which, essentially, deadens or kills the tooth’s root, removing any feeling or pain.
  • The decayed tooth is shortened to a small stump and a porcelain or ceramic crown is placed over the original tooth.
  • We take an impression of the area and send the model to our dental lab.
  • We carefully match the color of the new crown with your existing teeth so it’s difficult to distinguish between the two.
  • We insert a temporary crown until the new one is completed. • We insert the permanent crown and make sure it fits and that your bite is even.

The dental lab we work with that produces your crown does exceptional work, so your crown will last many years.

“Dr. O’Neill is terrific!”

Jojo Markowicz